Thursday, August 30, 2012

How To Use a Nikon N90 Camera

The Nikon N90 camera is an old-timer in the field of photography, however many people still use it for its reliable features. This camera makes use of film instead of a memory card. To use this, you must be familiar with how to handle a camera that uses film to store images.
  • Install the batteries. Unlock the battery holder then remove it from the battery chamber. Place four AA batteries into the battery holder, with the batteries’ positive and negative terminals at the appropriate places. Put it back in the battery chamber. Lock it into place.
  • Place the film. Open the locks at the back of the camera to access the film compartment. Slide the film cartridge into the film slot while pulling on one edge of the film until it reaches the red mark on the camera. Align the filmsprockets with the spokes, making sure that the film is pulled tightly. Close the cover.
  • Adjust the aperture. The aperture is the lens opening that lets light in the camera. This affects how bright or dim a picture appears. The smaller the aperture number is, the larger the opening and the more light comes in. A large aperture is good for shallow depth of fields and blurred backgrounds. A narrow aperture is good for high depth of fields and clear backgrounds. Twist the lens ring according to your preferences.
  • Set the focus. Pressing the shutter release button halfway down starts the autofocus function, which makes the camera focus on the subject in front of the camera. To change the area of focus, press the focus button and turn the dial on the camera’s top.

    • Adjust the light meter. Halfway pressing the shutter release button activates the light meter. Check the viewfinder and see whether there is a + or – symbol. A (+) symbol means that the film is overexposed, meaning there’s too much brightness in the image. To correct this, decrease the aperture or increase the shutter speed. A (–) symbol means that the film is underexposed, creating a dim image. Increase the aperture and slow down the shutter speed to enable light to enter the camera more freely.
    • Select a vari-program. These are built-in programs that help you take a better picture. Choose among portrait, red-eye reduction, hyperfocal, close-up, silhouette, sport, and landscape programs.
    • Take the picture. Completely pressing the shutter release button captures the image. Check the LCD screen to find out how many pictures you can still take. The frames left depends on the type of film you use.
    • Rewind the film. When the film has run out, a rewinding symbol blinks and a sound alerts you to rewind the film. Rewinding the film protects the film from exposure to light when the camera is opened. Press the rewind button. Don’t open the camera while the film is rewinding. Wait until the film symbol appears and the frame counter displays E for empty. This means that the rewinding is done and it’s safe to take the film cartridge out the camera.

    Choose a film that’s compatible with your Nikon N90 camera. Take care of the film and see to it that it doesn’t get pulled out accidentally. Keep your films in a safe place to preserve your photos.

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