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Transfer Windows Files - Images - Settings Easily

Have you purchased a new PC or shifted to an old one but all the data stuff is in your previous PC, well than that’s not a big problem because we have Windows Easy Transfer official transfer tool by Microsoft well with this you transfer files, pictures, images and settings to any new windows operated pc The best thing about this tool is that it also includes a file explorer or you can say file manager which you see many times on a Nokia phone so you can also see what things to copy and what not.

This tool is official developed by Microsoft for their humble customers, giving them an easy way to complete the whole process. Check below steps on how to use this awesome simple tool.

Download Windows Easy Transfer Tool.
Now just run this tool on your old pc from which you are willing to transfer your files and settings. You can choose to backup settings in your external drive such as pen drives.
Now just run this tool again on your new pc and choose the file from external drive to restore the whole process in your new pc.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Husband In Goa(2012) Malayalam Songs Free Download

Cast: Indrajith, Asif Ali, Remya Nambeesan, Jayasurya, Lal, Rima Kallingal, Bhama,Bhavana, Suraj Venjaramoodu, Innocent, Praveena
Director: Saji Surendran
Producer: Siddharth Roy Kapur, Ronnie Screwvala
Banner: UTV Communications (USA) LLC.
Music: M G Sreekumar
Cinematography: Anil Nair
Editing: Manoj

Download Husband In Goa(2012) Malayalam Songs Here : 

1.  Pichakapoo :MG.Sreekumar  
2.  Neela Neela :
Alex Kayyalakkakom, Sudeep Kumar  
3.  Mounam :
Najeem Arshad, Remmi Tomy 
4.  Husbands in Goa :
George Peter 

Download All Songs As Single File :
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Ishq In Paris (2012) Music Videos HD 720P

Ishq In Paris (2012) Music Videos HD 720P

||Ishq In Paris (2012) *720P*||

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Change Windows Logon Background Image Manually

Windows Logon Image is that image which is visible when you start your computer and screen greets you with login options, well that can be easily changed using a simple logon changer tool we posted earlier but if you do not trust any tool or software than you can manually change that by following some steps and tweaking your registry entry, so check below steps on how you can do that.
  1. Go to Start > Run and type regedit to open the Registry Editor.
  2. Now Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion > Authentica​tion > LogonUI > Background.registry-editor
  3. Now you will see OEMBackground value if its not there create one by right clicking and choosing New > DWORD Value, and rename it too OEMBackground.
  4. Now just double click on the OEMBackground value and replace 0 with 1.
  5. Now close the registry and navigate to C: > Windows > System32 > oobe.
  6. Now just create a new folder names "info" and create another sub folder in it and name it as "backgrounds"
  7. Now just add your desired wallpaper in this folder and rename that image as backgrounddefault.jpg, make sure that images must be less than 245KB in size.
  8. That’s it now just Log Off your system and Login again.

Aiyyaa Hindi 2012 songs

English Vinglish (2012) Hindi Mp3 Songs

Everybody on the dance floor 14

Cd 1 – 15 Tracks:

01.Anarkali Disco Chali (Remix) – Mamta Sharma & Sukhwinder Singh

Cd 2 – 15 Tracks:

01. Katiya Karun (Remix) – Harshdeep Kaur & Sapna Awasthi

Thursday, September 20, 2012

What is the Difference Between a Virus, Trojan Horse and Worm?

The most common blunder when the topic of a computer virus arises is that people will often refer to a Worm or Trojan Horse as a Virus. While the words Trojan, worm, and virus are used interchangeably, they are not the same. Viruses, worms, and Trojan Horses are all malicious programs that can cause damage to your computer, but there are differences between the three, and knowing those differences can help you to better protect your computer from their often damaging effects.

“Earn an information security degree online in order to learn more about malicious programs that can harm your computer.”

What is a Computer Virus ?

A computer Virus attaches itself to a program or file so it can spread from one computer to another, leaving infections as it travels. Some viruses cause only mildly annoying effects while others can damage your hardware, software, or files. Almost all viruses are attached to an executable file(.exe), which means the virus may exist on your computer but it cannot infect your computer unless you run or open the malicious program. It is important to note that a virus cannot be spread without a human action, (such as running an infected program) to keep it going. People continue the spread of a computer virus, mostly unknowingly, by sharing infecting files or sending e-mails with viruses as attachments in the e-mail.

What is a worm?

A Worm is similar to a virus by its design, and is considered to be a sub-class of a virus. Worms spread from computer to computer, but unlike a virus, it has the ability to travel without any help from a person. A worm takes advantage of file or information transport features on your system, which allows it to travel unaided. The biggest danger with a worm is its ability to replicate itself on your system, so rather than your computer sending out a single worm, it could send out hundreds or thousands of copies of itself, creating a huge devastating effect. One example would be for a worm to send a copy of itself to everyone listed in your e-mail address book. Then, the worm replicates and sends itself out to everyone listed in each of the receiver’s address book, and the manifest continues on down the line. Due to the copying nature of a worm and its ability to travel across networks the end result in most cases is that the worm consumes too much system memory (or network bandwidth), causing Web servers, network servers, and individual computers to stop responding. In more recent worm attacks such as the much talked about Blaster Worm, the worm has been designed to tunnel into your system and allow malicious users to control your computer remotely.

What is a Trojan?

A Trojan Horse is full of as much trickery as the mythological Trojan Horse it was named after. The Trojan Horse, at first glance will appear to be useful software but will actually do damage once installed or run on your computer. Those on the receiving end of a Trojan Horse are usually tricked into opening them because they appear to be receiving legitimate software or files from a legitimate source. The Trojan horse itself would typically be a Windows executable program file, and thus must have an executable filename extension such as .exe, .com, .scr, .bat, or .pif. Since Windows is sometimes configured by default to hide filename extensions from a user, the Trojan horse is an extension that might be “masked” by giving it a name such as ‘Readme.txt. exe’. With file extensions hidden, the user would only see ‘Readme.txt’ and could mistake it for a harmless text file. When the recipient double-clicks on the attachment, the Trojan horse might superficially do what the user expects it to do (open a text file, for example), so as to keep the victim unaware of its real, concealed, objectives. Meanwhile, it might discreetly modify or delete files, change the configuration of the computer, or even use the computer as a base from which to attack local or other networks – possibly joining many other similarly infected computers as part of a distributed denial-of-service attack. When a Trojan is activated on your computer, the results can vary. Some Trojans are designed to be more annoying than malicious (like changing your desktop, adding silly active desktop icons) or they can cause serious damage by deleting files and destroying information on your system. Trojans are also known to create a backdoor on your computer that gives malicious users access to your system, possibly allowing confidential or personal information to be compromised. Unlike viruses and worms, Trojans do not reproduce by infecting other files nor do they self-replicate.

Added into the mix, what is called a blended threat?

A blended threat is a sophisticated attack that bundles some of the worst aspects of viruses, worms, Trojan horses and malicious code into one threat. Blended threats use server and Internet vulnerabilities to initiate, transmit and spread an attack. This combination of method and techniques means blended threats can spread quickly and cause widespread damage. Characteristics of blended threats include: causes harm, propagates by multiple methods, attacks from multiple points and exploits vulnerabilities.

To be considered a blended thread, the attack would normally serve to transport multiple attacks in one payload. For example it wouldn’t just launch a DoS attack ” it would also install a backdoor and damage a local system in one shot. Additionally, blended threats are designed to use multiple modes of transport. For example, a worm may travel through e-mail, but a single blended threat could use multiple routes such as e-mail, IRC and file-sharing sharing networks. The actual attack itself is also not limited to a specific act. For example, rather than a specific attack on predetermined .exe files, a blended thread could modify exe files, HTML files and registry keys at the same time ” basically it can cause damage within several areas of your network at one time.

Blended threats are considered to be the worst risk to security since the inception of viruses, as most blended threats require no human intervention to propagate.

Combating Viruses, Worms and Trojan Horses :

The first steps to protect your computer are to ensure your operating system (OS) is up-to-date. This is essential if you are running a Microsoft Windows OS. Secondly, you should have anti-virus software installed on your system and download updates frequently to ensure your software has the latest fixes for new viruses, worms, and Trojan Horses. Additionally you want to make sure your anti-virus program has the ability to scan e-mail and files as they are downloaded from the Internet. This will help prevent malicious programs from even reaching your computer. If this isn’t enough protection, then you may want to consider installing a firewall as well.

A firewall is a system which prevents unauthorized use and access to your computer. A firewall can be either hardware or software. Hardware firewalls provide a strong degree of protection from most forms of attack coming from the outside world and can be purchased as a stand-alone product or in broadband routers. Unfortunately, when battling viruses, worms and Trojans, a hardware firewall may be less effective than a software firewall, as it could possibly ignore embedded worms in out going e-mails and see this as regular network traffic. For individual home users, the most popular firewall choice is a software firewall. A good software firewall will protect your computer from outside attempts to control or gain access your computer, and usually provides additional protection against the most common Trojan programs or e-mail worms. The downside to software firewalls is that they will only protect the computer they are installed on, not a network.

It is important to remember that on its own a firewall is unable to get rid of your computer virus problems, but when used in conjunction with regular operating system updates and a good anti-virus scanning software, it will add some extra security and protection for your computer or network.

Speed up your old PC

It’s so easy to feel frustrated with your 2-year old computer. With the latest whizz-bang gadgets coming out every month, your trusty desktop can seem like it is an old classic. The sleeker models with all the upgrades can make your computer unit feel like it is truck beside a sports car.  But, don’t throw it out just yet. There are so many things that you can do to make it perform like it is new.

Here are a few things that can help you do that:

Get Space

Everyone needs space, even your computer. We end up with more than a few bytes of photos, music, movies and programs in this digital world. All this data takes time to read and process. These precious milliseconds add up and can make simply booting up your computer and surfing on the net feel like an eternity.

There are 3 things you can do to solve the space issue. First, clean-up your hard disk. Delete temporary internet files, empty your recycle bin and uninstall programs that you rarely use. If you still have a lack of space, transfer your files to an external drive. This way your computer does not always have to process it when you boot up. If all fails, consider replacing your current hard disk with a solid-state HD. Without any moving parts, the speed of processing and writing files takes less time. It’ll make downloading and processing files faster.


You do not need to replace your computer to get a faster unit. Look into buying and installing a higher RAM card. The difference can be quite exponential between a 2 gig and a 4 gig RAM card.  You’ll be able to play better games and run memory heavy programs smoother. If you are into watching high definition movies or playing games that are heavy on graphics, consider buying a better video card. This way you can get the extra memory to keep your computer from lagging.

Reinstall Your OS

If none of the above is working for you, consider “renewing” your computer by reinstalling your operating system. It can be quite tedious to do, but will be worth the effort. Reinstalling your OS will help you remove malware and other programs that slow down your computer. You can also start fresh by choosing the right programs and file management protocols to keep your computer zipping along smoothly.

The Bottom Line:

Don’t just be consumers; instead, think of yourself as a “tuner”. Consider modifying and upgrading components of your computer before you head out and buy cheap desktops. It’ll save you a lot of money, and, most of all, can be quite fun to do.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Norton Internet Security 2012 Full

norton 2012
Get the latest update version of Norton Internet Security & Antivirus 2012
The latest upgrade of Norton Internet Security offers:
* Our fastest performance ever
* Industry-leading protection
* Easier to use Control Center and features

Key Features
* Norton Protection System includes 4 layers of rock-solid protection designed to proactively protect against the very latest threats – so you can do more on your PC without disruptions.
* Customizable Control Center gives you the option to choose your preference between a simplified screen or the traditional detailed view.
* Identity Safe alerts have moved to the Norton Toolbar so there are less interruptions while you are online – but your passwords are still as secure as ever.
* Bandwidth Management limits Norton’s processes and updates when you have limited bandwidth or monthly downloads.
* Download Insight 2.0 now tells you how stable a download is before you put your computer at risk for crashes or other bad things to happen.
* Norton Recovery Tools help remove threats that can be deeply buried in a PC’s operating system.

Install Note:
1. Disconnect your pc from internet
2. First install nortan
3. Restart ur pc (use f5 or f8 to use safe mode)
4. Then apply patch then again restart in normal mode
5. Connect to internet and allow norton to check online

Downloading Links
||Download Via Single Resumable Links Size: 120MB||

Advanced Tips and Tricks to Higher Gmail Security

Gmail is the main base or the main workstation for any newbie or oldies. This is used by billions of people all over the world for the best email service and to protect it is the main reason for anyone to have a look at this post. Below I just grabbed 20 steps to higher Gmail Security, you might wanna check because Hackers next target can be you can to protect yourself is the main aim of your life.
So all the steps below are officially by Gmail for protecting your account. This steps will give you the unbelievable security hence boost your Gmail Experience.

  1. Check for Viruses and malwares : Well you would be having some good virus scanner but you cannot catch 100% infections with any scanner so to experiment and scan with different and online scanner is a good choice.
  2. Operating system should be Up to Date : Updating to official updates may increase your windows security and remove all the holes in it as they release patches to fix vulnerabilities. So its really important to update your system to have more security.
  3. Regular Software Updates : as you update windows you think that software's had been updated to but some software's are not updated but they need serious updates to be performed in order to maintain consistency in your system, software's like Adobe Flash, Java etc. need to be updated manually or sometimes they automatically update depends on settings.
  4. Brower should be Up to Date : make sure your browser is Up to Date as some security patches are also released for browsers, so make sure to update your browser or set their settings to automatic update.
  5. Check Browser Extensions and Plugins : many times there are few plugins or extensions like Gmail manager or something like that which helps you in making some tasks easier so Gmail does not take responsibility for any services like that, so if their service is compromises so is your Gmail Password.
  6. Changing Password : if you account was recently hacked and you recovered it somehow the better option is to change your password to some mixed number and alphabets its really important and Gmail recommends changing your Gmail password after 6 months or so to maintain privacy and security.
  7. Updating Account Recovery Options : whenever you forget your password you may need to recover it so this will help you in recovering.
    • Recovery Email Address : this send an email when you request a reset for the password on the address you have filled for the recovery.
    • SMS Notification : the another way for the recovery is by SMS you will get SMS containing your code.
        • Secret Question : this option will be enabled if you fail with the above options it will ask you the question what you will enter before your password was lost and you will be able to retrieve your password if you answer right.
      1. Turn on 2 step verification : this is an extra layer for security it will send code on your mobile, so that you can sign into your account. This can be enabled in the Google Account Settings.
      2. Check list of authorized websites : check the list for the trusted ones because it could happen that they may have stolen our account data to get your username and passwords.

        To edit the list of authorized websites :
        1. Sign in on the Google Accounts homepage.
        2. Click the My Account link displayed at the top right of the page.
        3. Click Authorizing applications & sites.This page will list all third-party sites you've granted access to.
        4. Click the Revoke Access link to disable access for a site.
      3. Use HTTPS Secure Connection : always use HTTPS this helps you from the stealers from stealing your information whenever you access Gmail from Cyber – Café or Hotel or other
      4. Check strange recent activity : this can be really useful as Gmail tracks all the iP address on which Gmail was accessed or we say your account was accessed so if you think there was a suspicious activity then you can check that by clicking the Details link @ the bottom like below and click Sign out all the sessions and simply change your
      5. Accuracy of Mail Settings : check that all the settings in your Gmail are good accurate like there is no vacation responder on which is automatically replying to all your mails or filters are correctly configured or they will be sending some mails to trash bin etc., so check the settings and correct for the errors.
      6. Checking contacts errors : just go to the contacts tab and check all the contacts if you think that there is a problem in some of your contacts just restore them to an earlier time and you will get all the contacts back.
      7. Username & Password Recovery Emails : sometimes you may have noticed that you get some emails asking you to enter your username and password so that your email address can be recovered that are all fake and should not be trusted so remember that Gmail will send you that kind of mail so beware of those emails.
      8. Beware of Phishing : phishing is a kind of activity in which a fake page is created for the website in order to hack username and password of the victim. So don’t ever enter your username and password after following a link just go directly to in order to access your account.
      9. Sharing Password : don’t try to share your password with third party services as Google does not guarantee for any kind of misbehave if done, so better to use different password for Gmail and different for all other services.
      10. Friends can make prank : I said don’t share your passwords with friends, but the most important thing is that don’t share your passwords, secret questions with your friends as they can play a huge prank on you.
      11. Clear Junk Files : clearing cache, cookies, forms data and passwords is the best way to protect your account fro the strangers hand the best way is to a free cleaner I recommend downloading CCleaner and cleaning all the offline and junk files.
      12. Don’t user Stay Signed In : you all know that stay signed in means that until there is a cleaning process done on your computer your account will be accessible if anyone opens Gmail so its always recommended that not to choose Stay Signed In.
      13. Signing out is the bets option : always sign out whenever you have completed viewing your emails, this is really important don’t think that you are @ home and o probes if you do not sign out its really important and must be done.
      So that’s it I hope my tips are good for all the newbies and professionals these are officially by Google on their Security page I just made them simpler to be read and to be accessed so have Fun and please share this article so that all others can be safe and have a happy tech life.

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Student of the Year (2012) Music Videos HD 720P

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Top 5 Antivirus Programs for Protecting your Computer

Antiviruses are the main component for any new or old computer, usually whenever you install a new Windows Package the first thing you do is too complete the installation of your Antivirus program so that your computer stays safe from any threat or online bazookas. Well for this purpose many online renowned company's develops an Antivirus program that can protect you from almost all online threats and viruses but this is the growing world so threats grows everyday but still there are some programs that get update day by day and block the new viruses too. Below is the list of 5 top most renowned antivirus programs that you can install in your pc and enjoy safe browsing and downloading environment.
  1. bitdefender boxBitdefender :: is an antivirus program developed by Romania based company called "Softwin", it’s the top most renowned program in antivirus world, with its huge sets of protecting features it tops out the list. Its features include online links scanning, search advisor, PC optimizations tools and scheduling scanning. It comes in three packages, Antivirus, Internet Security and Total Security Suite. I personally prefer this Antivirus as it seriously defends your pc from any external and internal attack.
  2. kaspersky boxKaspersky :: antivirus does not need any reference to get on spotlight as it’s the most renowned antivirus engine developed by Kaspersky Lab, maybe a newbie will be aware about it and recommends installing it in pc for ultimate protection. It comes will the same features as with Bitdefender + a very awesome feature of scanning illegal websites providing pirated content. Well overall its cheaper than Bitdefender and hence used more virally than any other antivirus engine.
  3. webroot boxWebRoot :: is another good antivirus engine that many teenagers recommend due to its speeds but still lacks many options and scanning capabilities like Bitdefender and Kaspersky. Its End Point Security installs in less than 6 sec and scans your pc in less than 1 min interval. There’s an mobile app too which you can install and protect your mobile from viruses getting spread through Bluetooth and other media.
  4. norton boxNorton :: another renowned name a program developed by Symantec Corporation. Proving you will malware removal till the subscription period. Email Spam Filtering and Phishing Protection. Symantec distributes Norton as download, box copy or OEM software. It’s a very rough software so it takes a lot of memory for protecting your pc. Still an awesome program.
  5. eset nod32 boxEset NOD32 :: provides fast and reliable protection for you pc and mobile devices. Its Cyber Security Beta provides protection for your Mac. They are also providing free editions for protecting your pc with their candidate versions. Eset also provides an Android app for protecting your device from browsing and downloading threats. So overall it’s a good and reliable antivirus engine that can suit your entire computer desire.