Tuesday, August 28, 2012

How to make a trial version software to a full version software for free

In this post we are going to see how to make a trial version software to a full version software for free with the help of few tricks and methods. One of the main technique of marketing a product is by releasing the trial version first and then forcing the user to buy the full version.When a user is fully satisfied with the product he/she is going to buy the product but what about the people who are still wishing to use the software for free without purchasing the full version ? Here in this post you will get to know how to make a trial version software to a full version for free with simple methods.

1 :Making trial version software to full version:

When first the windows 7 got released i rushed to their website and downloaded their trial product.I was using it for free until one day my laptop started getting restarted every two hours.I went mad and came to know that " People using the trial version of windows 7 ultimate after a certain month will experience a restart in their system for every two hours " .Immediately i tried to use the vintage method that i knew and successfully it worked out for me ! What i did was just  changed the system date.From the current system date i changed the year to the previous year and it worked well.By just changing the system date it is possible to avoid the trial version errors.But the disadvantage is when a site like "facebook" is opened the browser shows certificate error.

2 :Making trial version software to full version:

This method is used mostly by everyone to make the trial version to full version for free.When the product gets expired , just go to google and search for its relevant key or a crack.But most of the time you will feel difficult to get the key because there may be keys for lots of version of the same product.To avoid this it is best to download the product with the key.That is Instead of downloading the software and searching for a key , try to download the full version directly from the torrent websites, this can save time and headache!To know more about cracks and keygen read this post :

3 :Making trial version software to full version:

This would be the simplest method to make a trial version software to full version for free.Download the software named as RunAsDate and the job is done.You can get the software from the below link :

  • Download the software from the above link and install it.
  • Open the software and in the window browse for the file you need to make it is as full version.
  • Click run and now you can startover your trial.

4 :Making trial version software to full version :

If you cannot find the relevant keys and crack for the software using the above methods , do not worry there are lots of online community in facebook and other social networks to help you.Join their community and ask for your product keygen and wait until they provide you.Also you can request any kinds of keys, cracks and patches here.Just leave the product info at the comment section and we will reply you as soon as possible.

But never try to get a crack or keygen for an antivirus because original is always better in that case.So try getting your paid copy of it.For more posts related to how to make trail version to full version for free keep visiting here!

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