Sunday, August 26, 2012

How To Protect Yourself From Spyware

Why should you educate yourself or even protect yourself from spyware? Ill tell you why - your personal information and your computers health might be at risk. Spyware is a piece of software that once on your computer will try to gain valuable personal information on your such as your passwords, usernames, credit cards number and even bank account information. Malware which is often confused with spyware is a piece of software that also finds its way on your computer without you knowing about it but its intentions are to harm your computer. In this article I'm going to focus more on how to prevent spyware from getting into your computer. 

The fact that spyware is a piece of software that runs in the background of your computer without you knowing at all means that it is taking up resources that will eventually slow down your computer. This is why you should do your best to prevent spyware from installing itself on your computer. The main point here is that spyware is bad and you should always be protecting yourself against it at all costs. For the purpose of this article were going to discuss spyware and how to prevent it. To prevent spyware I personally use two pieces of software, one is used to scan and remove software that is either spyware or malware and the other is used to prevent spyware from coming in contact with my computer. 

The first program that I use the most is called MalwareBytes Anti Malware. As a plus, it is free of charge to download. Once it is installed on your computer, just perform a full scan to completely scan your hard drive to remove any possible infections. I recommend that you do this since it will go through each and every single file on your computer to make sure that it is not infected. Once a full scan is done and you plan on doing another scan in the future, just using a quick scan should be good enough. There is one main downside to using the free version of this software - you do have to manually update it by clicking on the update button. 

The second piece of software that I mainly use to defend my computer is called Spyware Blaster. Take note of the difference here: one program eliminates malware/spyware and the other prevents Malware and Spyware from ever coming in. The program will provide you will full protection as soon as you install it. By the way, you are also going to have to manaully update this program, just like the last one. 

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