Wednesday, August 29, 2012

How to Select a VoIP Provider India

To select the VoIP provider India you will need to follow as few tips. VoIP is the abbreviated form of 'Voice over Internet Protocol'. It is vital for communications that take place over long distances. As compared to making a phone call, using the internet over the telephone is a profitable option. Charges to be paid for a telephone call over the internet are cheaper.If you are looking towards reducing your phone bills by a whooping eighty percent each month then one of the best options is considering the VoIP service. This is a cost saving method of contacting people for business as well as personal purposes. In the market, available these days are a large number of providers of the VoIP service and selecting the right one is imperative for you.
Conduct an Analysis
If the wrong one is selected then you would end up paying for a product that is not the correct one for you. The first and foremost thing to do is conduct an analysis of your requirements. Determine whether or not a VoIP India service is needed. For this you will need to keep a record of the number of long distance calls you make each month.
If there are too many calls to be made then the VoIP service is right for you. There is no point considering the VoIP phone if international calls have to be made on an infrequent basis. The perfect choice will be the VoIP services for those who have contacts across the border and need to frequently keep in touch with them.
Cut Down Phone Bills
A VoIP will surely help in cutting down on costs if your phone bills have been having a record of making international calls to the extent of fifty percent and more. To feel assured you could even compare the rates of VoIP calls and the rate of local calls made. The other most important thing you will need to look into is the kind of service, provided to customers.
Just because the provider offers a low rate, do not make a hasty decision. Later on this could cost you more since certain providers are not able to offer after sale services. Besides this since they offer low rates, the number of customers is high and due to this they find it difficult to handle that many customers. Selecting only a reputed VoIP India service provider is sure to help. Before considering such a service a good idea would be to seek counsel from clients, contacts and friends etc.
Customization and Emergency Services
Another thing you need to check is whether or not customization is offered by the VoIP provider India. They offer a number of packages with options like call waiting, 3 way calling, need for fax facility etc. which you will need to decide in advance. Features of the packages can be picked to ensure that nothing is missed. You could even use your old telephone number but ensure that the company allows this.
There could be other companies that do not have this feature. If you do not want to risk losing old clients then retaining the old telephone number is important. Another important thing you need to ensure is whether emergency services are provided or not. While some offer these, there are others that don't provide emergency services, which you will need to confirm.

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