Thursday, September 20, 2012

Speed up your old PC

It’s so easy to feel frustrated with your 2-year old computer. With the latest whizz-bang gadgets coming out every month, your trusty desktop can seem like it is an old classic. The sleeker models with all the upgrades can make your computer unit feel like it is truck beside a sports car.  But, don’t throw it out just yet. There are so many things that you can do to make it perform like it is new.

Here are a few things that can help you do that:

Get Space

Everyone needs space, even your computer. We end up with more than a few bytes of photos, music, movies and programs in this digital world. All this data takes time to read and process. These precious milliseconds add up and can make simply booting up your computer and surfing on the net feel like an eternity.

There are 3 things you can do to solve the space issue. First, clean-up your hard disk. Delete temporary internet files, empty your recycle bin and uninstall programs that you rarely use. If you still have a lack of space, transfer your files to an external drive. This way your computer does not always have to process it when you boot up. If all fails, consider replacing your current hard disk with a solid-state HD. Without any moving parts, the speed of processing and writing files takes less time. It’ll make downloading and processing files faster.


You do not need to replace your computer to get a faster unit. Look into buying and installing a higher RAM card. The difference can be quite exponential between a 2 gig and a 4 gig RAM card.  You’ll be able to play better games and run memory heavy programs smoother. If you are into watching high definition movies or playing games that are heavy on graphics, consider buying a better video card. This way you can get the extra memory to keep your computer from lagging.

Reinstall Your OS

If none of the above is working for you, consider “renewing” your computer by reinstalling your operating system. It can be quite tedious to do, but will be worth the effort. Reinstalling your OS will help you remove malware and other programs that slow down your computer. You can also start fresh by choosing the right programs and file management protocols to keep your computer zipping along smoothly.

The Bottom Line:

Don’t just be consumers; instead, think of yourself as a “tuner”. Consider modifying and upgrading components of your computer before you head out and buy cheap desktops. It’ll save you a lot of money, and, most of all, can be quite fun to do.

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