Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Make a bootable antivirus cd

1. Go to http://ubcd4win.com/downloads.html
2. Select a mirror with a green status. (like "Mirror#3" for example)
3. When you click on the mirror it will take you to another site where the download will be available.
4. Click the download link for Ultimate Boot CD and save the download to wherever you download stuff.
5. Once the installer has been downloaded double click it.
6. Choose your language
7. Click next about 3 more times and select the file path where you would like to install ultimate boot cd 4 win. Please note that you should have a drive with at least 5-10 gb of free space to allow for future plugin growth. I will choose C:UBCD4Win. The install should take a few minutes.
8. Click Yes to the MD5 Hash Check. The install will continue once the hash check succeeds.
9. Click Yes to see if a patch file exists.
10. Click the checkbox to launch ubcd4winbuilder.exe.

11. Click the "i agree" button.
12. Click "NO" to searching for windows files.
13. Obtain a windows xp operating system disc w/SP2.
14. Explore the disc and copy the entire content (all the folders and files on the windows xp cd) to any location on your computer. You should allocate at least 700 MB of free space for the windows xp disc.
15. Open UBCD4win (if it's not already open). Click Source browse button (3 dots ...) and browse to your i386 folder. My path was C:WindowsXPcd for example.
16. Next go to the media output section and choose a spot for your ISO image to be created. This ISO can be burned with almost any burning software. Once the ISO is burned it will be bootable.
17. Next, click the plugins button. Don't be too overwhelmed here, actually you should be very happy! Look at all those plugins!
18. Now it's time to update our anti-malware software packages.
19. The first one I have on my list is a-squared free anti-spyware. Click that line and then click the config button. A command prompt will automatically open and start downloading the latest updates for that program...totally awesome, isn't it!
20. So, now you need to update all the anti-malware programs in our plugin list. Click each one and then hit the config button.
21. After you're done configing/updating your plugins click the close button.
22. Next, click Build.
23. Click yes to create a directory and then click i agree.
24. At this point your ISO is created and is ready to be burned.

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